PS2 Light Gun Games Edit

Also known as GunCon (gun controller) games

Recommended GunCon games Edit

  • Time Crisis 2
  • Time Crisis 3
  • Gunvari Collection with Time Crisis 1
  • Vampire Night
  • Ninja Assault

Gun Controllers that work on HDTVs Edit

This links are provided as information only, as there seem to be no other light gun controllers available for the PS2 on LCD/LED/Plasma TVs. You purchase these items at your own risk. Read the reviews and decide for yourself.

PlayAsia seems to be dedicated seller of these products and most likely to keep them in stock.  Don't hesitate to check for these products at your usual online retailer/auction site.

General Web Forum Discussion Edit

BungieFan's Explanation Edit

bungiefan posted on the GameFAQs PS2 board on 2/7/2013, Old light guns figure out where you are aiming by knowing how the screen draws the image. CRTs and LCD/LED/Plasma screens draw the image in a completely different way.

CRTs have an electron gun in the back drawing across the screen one row at a time, one pixel in each row at a time, in a preset order. That means that it's a matter of timing how the white flash is drawn to know what pixel you were aiming at.

LCDs refresh larger chunks of the screen at the same time, so you need a point of reference instead, like the Wii uses the infrared LED bar to figure out a reference for aiming. Thus special light guns with IR emitters you can place near the screen are needed for non-CRTs.

Misc from around the Web Edit

This is interesting, perhaps not exactly helpful.

Found this thread from 2010

EMS TopGun II Edit

EMS TopGun II from PlayAsia.

Review by Tekkaman Gamma51 on GameFAQs "BEST GUN EVER !! :D Work great on 60 gig PS3s as well !! :D"

Tekkaman Gamma51 also noted "Sadly, this won't work for PS1 games (Kinda the reason I got the Gunvari Collection. :p). It actually works pretty well. Love the recoil on it as well. Only thing that stinks about the recoil is that if you want 2 gun recoil, you have to buy a plug for one of the guns. Other than that, easy to use. :D Little tip with calibration, make sure you have a good amount of distance. :)"

The EMS TopGun II has been superceded by the EMS TopGun III.

EMS TopGun III Edit

Haku posted on the PS2 board on GameFAQS on 2/7/2013 reported, EMS Topgun II has been replaced by Topgun III and is readily available.

EMS TopGun III from PlayAsia.