• Armored Core (see section below for essentials)
  • Battle Engine Aquila
  • Front Mission 4 (turn-based strategy)
  • Gundam:  Encounters in Space
  • Gungriffon Blaze
  • Robot Alchemic Drive
  • Robot Warlords (JP/EU only)
  • S.L.A.I.- Steel Lancer Arena International
  • Steambot Chronicles
  • Transformers (2004)
  • Zone of the Enders series


  • Armored Core
  • Front Mission 3
  • Ghost in the Shell

Armored Core suggestionsEdit

Quotes taken from a thread, to see the whole post go to thread link at external links at the bottom of the page.

Grizzmeisterposted... As a serious Armored Core fan (see photo) I suggest picking up Armored Core 3 as your introduction to the series on the PS2.

FellDudeposted... AC3 is a good place to start but for PS2 entries I personally preferred AC:Nexus as it had those remade past missions(nostalgia).

A good tip for starting in the AC series would be to start at the beginning of a given series number(2 or 3) as you can almost always carry your data(all unlocked stuff) over to the next game in that AC series. I.e., Data from Nexus is usable in Nine Breaker & save data from both of those is usable in Last Raven.

I'm probably recalling this PS1 entry through heavily misted nostalgia goggles but AC Master of Arena has always been my personal favorite entry. Haven't played it in years so I don't know how it holds up. But I had the most fun with that one when it was first released and I don't recall enjoying any of the other ACs as much.

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