Save File Basics Edit

  • A memory card is required to save a game.
    • Official Sony memory cards are recommended for reliability.
    • Katana memory cards are "Second Party", using Sony memory in Katana cases. These are considered acceptable.
  • Slim PS2s and some later games will not recognize 3rd party memory cards.
    • In some cases they won't recognize Sony cards either.
  • Large 3rd party memory cards can be useful, if your console and games will recognize it.
    • It is highly recommended that critical saves be backed up to a Sony memory card.
  • It's highly recommended that critical saves be backed up to a different card in any case.
  • PS1 saves can be copied to/from PS2 cards.
    • While PS1 games will not save/load with a PS2 card, this can be useful for backing up PS1 saves.
    • With a 3rd party memory card, be prepared for it to fail at any time.
  • Some gaming sites, such as GameFAQs, have downloadable game save files.
    • It requires something like ARMax or CodeBreaker to copy save files to/from USB sticks.
      • The PS2 won't allow you to copy saves to and from a USB drive. Sony wanted people to buy memory cards, so the only way to back up saves are 3rd party.
  • If you have a PS3 you can use the memory card reader to back up saves to the PS3 hard drive.

Advanced Save File Operations Edit

PS2 saves with UlaunchElf Edit

kenshi15 (tc) posted on 1/7/2011 at 10:00:12 PM

I'm trying to put saves on my ps2... I went through the following procedure:

  • Downloaded a mx-drive save for a game.
  • Opened the .max in ps2 save builder, clicked save as, and choose xport 2 format.
  • Then I opened xxsps2 converter and opened the xps file I got.
  • Then I choose my memory stick and clicked okay. The program told me that the file was saved successfully to my memory stick.
  • I opened the folder named BA"gameID" where ID was the game I wanted in this case Yakuza 2, and inside I have a save file, a file called common icon and another one called icon.sys.
  • I plug the memory stick into the ps2, and boot up UlaunchElf. I go to the file browser and go to mass.
  • The folder is there, but it says that the size is 0 bytes... and there's no option to copy. The controls on the screen don't say anything about that. So how do I copy the save? Thanks.

DeltaBladeX posted on 1/7/2011 at 10:25 PM Here is what I do for my saves.

  • Open PS2 Save Builder
  • Load save
  • Copy Root/ID
  • Select all files in the save
  • Right click and pick Extract
  • Create new folder, paste Root/ID as folder name
  • Extract files into the folder
  • Copy to USB drive
  • Use USB disconnect utility to prevent corrupting files
  • Plug into PS2
  • Start uLaunchElf
  • Enter Mass
  • Select save, press R1, Copy
  • Go to memory card, R1, Paste
  • Done