List of Media Formats played on PS2Edit

  • CD - AKA Compact Disc on the boxes of PS1 and PS2 games. The PS2 can play Music CDs and PS1 games. Many PS2 games use this format such as ICO, Maximo and Rez and is more commonly used early into the console's life. It is smaller in storage size and the PS2 reads these discs at a faster speed. If the console makes loud noises, it is common don't worry. PS2 CD games are identified by its blue underside. CDs hold 700MB.
  • DVD - The PS2 can play movies and this is the common format for the PS2 games. DVDs hold 4.7GB.
  • DVD-9 - Dual Layer DVD, which holds more data (8.5-8.7GB). Identified by having two bar codes printed near the center of the backside of the disc. Games such as God of War, Rogue Galaxy and Yakuza 2 use this format.

2-Disc releasesEdit

Various games will require that you swap discs in order to progress in the game. Please look at the back of the game cover or look at the disc itself to check if the game is in parts. If you find a used game without a particular disc it is recommended that you DON"T BUY THE GAME or find said missing disc on Ebay.

Some games are multi-disc, but not required to complete the game. SMT Nocturne included an OST with the original printing. Collections such as Metal Slug 4/5 and Growlanser Generations feature a game per disc.

PS1 games can be segmented into as many as 4 discs and even 6 discs (Arc the Lad Collection). These games come in special jewel cases, if no case is available please check the disc for what part it is.